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Unlike many consultants that I have worked with, [aimtheory] always took the long view of what we were doing and advocated for sustainable solutions rather than quick fixes.

- Eric Schnur, Senior Software Engineer at Bose Corporation

The foundation you provided has served us well. [As a result of your time with us, a team member] has become our resident expert and uses the components you developed as a starting point.

- Kevin Ramey, Principal Engineer at Target Corporation

aimtheory dives into tough problems and finds excellent solutions. [They] helped get our team's large scale web application to the next level. Our infrastructure was originally developed as quickly as possible with a strict deadline - it had many gaps and was overly complex. aimtheory was able to jump in and contribute immediately. For months we had issues...After aimtheory's first week it was never an issue again. I could always count on aimtheory to remove any infrastructure impediment I came across.

- Brian Maresca, Software Engineer at Bose Corporation

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DevOps in the Cloud

We deliver DevOps.
It's all we do.

We have been focused exclusively on DevOps since 2011.

Our Theory

We like goals. We like setting them and we like acheiving them. And we have.

At aimtheory, we strive to assist our clients in setting and acheiving their goals for DevOps and cloud by creating strong, multi-faceted parterships and applying our deep industry experience.

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Everything DevOps.

Project Delivery

Our team of (US-based) experienced engineers will work directly with your leadership to devise and deliver DevOps solutions of the highest quality. We'll deliver on your project requirements or we'll even help you create the requirements themselves.

Contracted Services

Do you have a DevOps practice up and running but don't have enough hands? Or perhaps you want to improve your DevOps culture. We can help. We can provide you with experienced engineers exclusively dedicated to your project.

Recruiting and Staffing

Having a hard time tracking down and securing DevOps talent? Since we ARE DevOps engineers, we're extremely WELL CONNECTED with DevOps engineers. Let us find the right people for your team.


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Ian David Rossi

Founder and Chief Engineer

Entrepreneur and tech enthusiast since 15 years of age, Ian has over 25 years of experience in technology. When he was 24, he went independent after conceiving the first mortgage origination platform based on open standards, which was acquired by Virgin Money. Beyond creating innovative technical solutions to difficult problems, Ian has also had a big impact on the people and culture that surround them, and enjoys serving as mentor and guide. The culture he has created at aimtheory has resulted in a top-notch team of folks that love to collaborate in solving interesting and difficult problems.

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