Quality. DevOps. Automation. This is what my company is all about. My experience with many different organizations over many years in these areas revealed to me clearly how hard it is currently to find DevOps resources to meet the huge demand in the industry. On top of that, other organizations struggle with their onboarding process to find truly experienced workers that will produce durable solutions of quality.

I am a software developer and a systems engineer myself, with over 20 years experience in the industry. The above-mentioned experience compelled me to address these poorly-met needs. I have created, not a staffing company, but a professional services consulting firm that can be trusted and held accountable to deliver lasting solutions of quality. We don’t hunt heads for a list of skills. Rather, our professional services (to which I am still a direct contributor) are built on specific values and processes that ensure that quality and durability are always delivered.

These values and processes allow us to provide our clients with a wide range of quality services, whether full solutions to complex problems or simple augmentation of teams with existing processes that work well.

Ian D. Rossi, Founder

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